Binoculars and Mini Radios

Made by the leading manufacturer of Optical products under a "private label brand" these Binoculars are some of the best you can buy. Due to the low price, we are forbidden from using the manufacturer's name as it would cause problems with retailers selling the same item at 2 and 3 times our retail price.

Magnification: 10x;  Objective Diameter: small binoculars is 25mm and larger model is 50mm; Relative Brightness: 6.3; Angle of View: 5.5 degrees; Field of view/1000m: 100m; Exit pupil: 2.5mm; Lens Coating: Fully Coated Optics; Lens Construction: 2x6E/4G. These high quality premium Binoculars are made with Ruby-Coated lenses which reduce glare and allow for a crystal clear image. The outside of the Binoculars is protected against drops to concrete with a solid rubber coating. Small and compact, these Binoculars can be taken everywhere. They come with their own Ballistic Nylon case with a belt loop. Perfect for sports activities and any application where enhanced viewing is important.







Desert Camo 10x50
99m/1000m Ruby Coated Binoculars with Nylon Case
. With a magnification power 10  times stronger than the naked eye these rugged binoculars  feature glare-free UV ruby-coated optical lenses for exceptionally clear views any time of day. Nylon storage pouch, neck strap, cleaning cloth and protective lens caps provide a one-of-a-kind special.




Mustang 10x25 98m/1000m Ruby Coated Binoculars with Nylon Belt Case






Ruby Coated Lensed Binocular
10x25 Power



Same Ruby Coated Lenses and construction as the finest Binoculars made yet this bad-boy slides neatly in your pocket and stays with you for the exact second you need to zoom-in on the action! 10X Magnification will bring every up close and personal.The Monoculars also come with their own ballistic nylon belt case. Excellent clear focus.



Ruby Coated Lensed Monocular



Innovative new high-tech design, this Monocular measures 3¼" wide and 2" tall to fit compactly into a front pants pocket, backpack or purse! Objects 1000 meters away will be magnified to 110 meters. These high quality premium Binoculars are made with a Ruby-Coated lens reducing glare and allowing for a crystal clear image. Durable ballistic nylon carry pouch complete with integral belt loop to keep your Monoculars by your side for immediate action



Ruby Coated Lensed Monocular



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